What’s The Edge?

That’s a great question, “What is The Edge?” God has made it very clear that chilling out on safe, cushy, solid ground is not what He’s about. God’s desire for our lives is that we be totally reliant on Him for everything. Can’t do that while playing it safe!! He also wants us to be sharing Him to those around us with reckless abandon. Can’t do that when you are sitting back in the weeds! To realize the amazing things God’s got in store for us, you MUST jump over the edge of His love.

Sound scary? That’s why we are here. At The Edge, we believe that if you are here it’s because God has been drawing you to Him. We are stoked to get to help you take that leap. We learn about the love He has for us through His word, through worship, and through learning to serve each other. And when you experience God’s vast love for you… well… it’s a no brainer to take the plunge over The Edge!


The Edge is a group of Jr. and Sn. Highschool students who are bent on learning about God and serving others through God’s word, aka the Bible. We are passionate about sharing him with those around us and growing closer together in him.


We meet weekly to have fun together, play games, eat snacks and hangout.

We worship God with awesome music and singing.

We learn about him through lessons in God’s word, the Bible, and in our small group times.


We meet at New Horizons Community Church


The Edge meets at 7-8:30 Wed evenings.


We have other great events and special meetings throughout the year so stay tuned to the calendar page for more stuff coming up!