Welcome to The Edge!

We are about young people knowing God… and we’ve gotten Hi-Tech about it!!!

This is the place to find out what’s going on so you don’t get the left-out-blues!

Here you can check the schedule of great events, see what we are going to be learning about in the B-I-B-L-E, and see some rad pics of the things we’ve been up to.

Please, please, pretty please come and experience God with us. We can’t wait to see you!

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  1. Nathan says:

    Yes, this is a very great youth group. I hope more will come and join.

  2. Annie G says:

    Hey Uncle Jasen, I noticed that you put the Halloween event on the 29th. Halloween is on the 31st, which is a Tuesday. Is that the day we’re doing chili?

    1. theedgeyouth_8jehon says:

      Oops. Sorry about that. It’s Tuesday the 31st. I’m changing it right now.

      1. Annie G says:


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